PrizePicks Rebrand

I spent a good portion and most of the second half of 2023 alongside our Chief Marketing Officer spearheading the rebrand of the fastest growing sports company in America, PrizePicks.

We teamed up with an external agency to do a deep dive into understanding our Members — unraveling their interests, sports affiliations, what goes on in their minds, what they think of us, the industry, why do they speak the way they do, who influences them, etc. We left no stone unturned if it provided us with valuable data. After months of meticulous research and analysis, they began translating these insights into tangible brand elements.

However, when the initial creative output fell short of our expectations (let's be honest, it looked like s#!t), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I partnered up with the most talented Creative I know, Shawn Rinkenbaugh, thankfully he was one Slack message away! Yes, I poached him from FuboTV. 🤭

We linked up in a WeWork space in NYC for a week-long immersion. Armed with their research and our intimate understanding of our community, we set out to reinvent the wheel. We also looped in our Senior Integrated Marketing Manager, Derek Havilland Ascroft, who played a pivotal role in crafting our Brand Voice – there was nobody in the organization that understood our Members better than he did.

Our goal? To craft a visual identity that lives at the intersection of ATL x BBALL x HIP HOP, a voice that echoed our brand ethos, and executions that shattered industry norms. We ditched the corporate mumbojumbo and embraced irreverence—our middle finger to the status quo, if you will. 😈

It wasn't about conforming; it was about disrupting the game. And disrupt we did.








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